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Hey Today! « Talk To Me » EP
7 avril, 2010, 12:26
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Ca fait des semaines que je l’attendais, le nouvel EP de Hey Today! est sorti hier sur Turbo Recordings!  2 ans après leur single « If I Was Wonderwoman », ils reviennent avec une vraie bombe. Voici une petite histoire racontée par le grand maître Pierre Hiver aka Pedro Winter aussi très connus sous le nom Busy P :

A few weeks ago, we were touring Australia for Parklife. TIGA was closing our stage every night, in front of 10,000 kids ready to rumble with him, to get wrestled to the ground.

And, as usual, he throws out his secret weapon, « TALK TO ME ». The crowd explodes. That’s when I ran onstage screaming, « T-Dawg, what’s that sound???? »

The only reply I got was a big, creepy grin… Merci!

One late night, on the narrow streets of Melbourne, TIGA and I went out for a little boogie with the Bang Gang squad. Our Aussie friends know how to look after us. We spent the night at Sorry Grandma!, the hottest club in town, drinking Rave Juice and trying to understand drunk Aussies’ sub-English accents.
I knew it was the perfect time to ask TIGA about that insane track he was playing. Ask a drunk man something and you’ll get everything you need. Everything.

« HEY TODAY! » he said. « Wait, the German guys responsible for « If I Was Wonderwoman » a few years ago? » I replied.

« Can I have another Rave Juice, P? » he replied to my reply. Nice.

Anyway, I now knew it was some Germans who did that Herbie Hancock-meets-LFO track!
I never gave up. We were back from OZ, me in Paris, TIGA in Montreal, iChatting like we often do. And that little « Transfarts » window pops up on my screen!
« TALK TO ME » became the highlight of my DJ set, the moment where you see stars in the eyes of the crowd’s head. Not only it is my favorite track of 2010, I even had the chance to remix it!

What the hell can you do with such a monster tune? Make something harder? Impossible. Make something better? Not possible. Make something faster? The opposite of possible. Make something stronger? The train has pulled out of Possibility Town. I wanted something deeper, more mental, bringing two worlds together, Detroit and Rotterdam.

Here is HEY TODAY!’s new single « TALK TO ME. » Have fun with it.


1. Hey Today! – Talk to me

2. Hey Today! – Talk to me (Busy P remix)

3. Hey Today! – Toasted


Hey Today!’s MySpace

Enjoy yourself!